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We are reorganizing our digital library this summer


This has been updated to reflect a new closure date for WCCLS' Cloud Library‚Äč service.

WCCLS is committed to meeting Washington County library users’ demand for downloadable e-books and audiobooks, and we are reorganizing our digital library in order to be able to expand what we offer. 

What's happening?

On June 14, WCCLS will move to our own OverDrive collection, out of the Oregon Digital Library Consortium (Library2Go). We are moving to an independent OverDrive collection so we can better serve digital readers in Washington County.  

Also on June 14, we will move many of the e-books and all of the audiobooks in Cloud Library to the OverDrive platform, where we plan to continue to grow our collection of books throughout 2017 and beyond.

After June 15, we will no longer offer the Cloud Library platform.

How does this affect me?

If you use OverDrive now, starting June 14 you will need to update your bookmarks, and/or re-login to OverDrive or Libby, choosing WCCLS as your library, rather than Library2Go.

If you use your Kindle e-reader to read e-books from Library2Go, you will be able to continue this process after June 14, you'll just need to visit our new site, rather than the Library2Go website. 

If you have holds on titles in Cloud Library that you don’t think you will get and read by June 13, please log into your OverDrive account and re-place the holds on those titles using OverDrive. If you're new to OverDrive, here's how to get started. If you have questions or need more assistance, please send us a message

As of June 15, the Cloud Library platform will no longer be offered at WCCLS. We encourage Cloud Library users to move any remaining holds from Cloud Library to OverDrive. 

How will the collection of books in the digital library improve?

We will be purchasing many more copies of popular books in OverDrive to decrease wait times, and will be expanding collection options for patrons of all ages. We look forward to growing a better e-book and audiobook collection in one place, which will simplify your access and browsing. Both the Libby app and the OverDrive app will provide access to the same WCCLS digital collection. The OverDrive app (which many readers are already using) has features that digital readers and audiobook listeners look for and expect. The new Libby app from OverDrive brings many of these features into a new, easy-to-use interface.

Library users will also be able to check out and place holds on our digital titles in the catalog. We will have a digital Kids Reading Room, and will improve the selection of kids and teen titles available. We will increase the number of holds and checkouts allowed to 15, and we will turn on the ability to renew titles. Our improved service also allows you to suspend your holds, so you can manage the flow of books!  


Monday, May 15

  • Cloud Library titles will not be accessible through the WCCLS catalog, but you can still use Cloud Library using the app
  • If you have holds on titles in Cloud Library that you don’t think you will get and read by June 13, please log into your OverDrive account and re-place the holds on those titles using OverDrive. (How to get started with OverDrive)

Wednesday, June 14

  • Most Cloud Library titles will transfer into our OverDrive collection
  • WCCLS will move away from Library2Go to our own OverDrive account
  • OverDrive titles will be accessible through the WCCLS catalog, and show up in your record of physical library materials checked out or on hold

Thursday, June 15

  • End of Cloud Library platform at WCCLS


If you have more questions, please check out our FAQs related to the transition this summer or send us a message


Last updated: May 24, 2017

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