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What's the difference between a shelf and a list?


The catalog allows you to keep 3 different shelves:

  • Completed is where you can store everything you’ve read, watched or listened to. 
  • In Progress is the place for what you are reading, watching or listening to right now. 
  • For Later is like a wish list, a place to keep track of the books, movies and music you’d like to borrow in the future.

Shelves don't have limits; you can put as many items on a shelf as you wish. You can share your shelves with other library patrons (the default setting) or keep them private for your own use. Items remain on your shelves unless you remove them. For more information about shelves, please see the Shelves help article.

A list is a collection of titles related to a specific topic or idea of your choosing. You can share it with other library patrons or keep it private for your own use.  Lists are limited to 100 items, but you can have as many lists as you need. For more information about lists, please see the Lists help article


Last updated: Oct 01, 2018

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