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Are there parental controls, so that I can control what kinds of titles my children see?


E-books and audiobooks

There are a couple of options to limit the titles your children see in our digital library. 

If you use the OverDrive website, you can adjust the settings so that all you see is books for particular age groups, such as kids or teens. You can also block mature content, which includes titles of an explicit nature. Here is information on how to do that

Another option for parents is to use the Kids or Teens portals on our OverDrive website. These are pages that only let users search for titles for kids and teens only.

In the Libby app, you can limit your search results to just show you titles for a particular audience, though that will not limit the types of titles that appear in our digital displays in the app. 

Streaming video

Kanopy Kids provides a friendly interface to browse only content meant for children from preschool to middle school. While children are sure to find engaging content in Kanopy Kids, you can employ parental controls to prevent children from viewing videos that are not intended for them. Here's how to set them up:

  • Log into your Kanopy account using a web or mobile browser.
  • Go to your Dashboard and select "Parental Controls," or visit
  • Click "Turn on."
  • Create a four-digit PIN and click "Save."
  • Parental controls will be activated after exiting Kanopy Kids for the first time after set-up.
  • You will only be required to enter your PIN once during a single session.
  • Your session will end when you log out, or when you enter and exit Kanopy Kids again.

Users under the age of 18 are expected to access Kanopy with the involvement, supervision, and approval of a parent or legal guardian.


Last updated: Oct 17, 2023

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