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I got an email that my hold is ready but the book isn't there


Sorry for the trouble! This usually happens for one of threereasons:

1. You logged in to your account more than 72 hours after the hold notification email was sent. Holds only remain available for 72 hours.

Solution: Place the title on hold again and let us know. We can move you to the top of the holds list. To make sure this doesn't happen again, try using the Libby app, where your holds get automatically checked out to you. Or, if you use the OverDrive app or website, change your account settings so that holds get checked out automatically

2. The hold was placed with a different card than you logged in with. Many people use multiple library cards (e.g. a family member's card), and you need to log in with the same card that you placed the hold with to check it out.

Solution: Log in with all the cards you use and see which one has the hold on it. Better yet, try using the Libby app, which lets you access your holds and checkouts from multiple library cards at once.

3. You got a new library card number since you placed your hold. If your hold was placed with an old library card number, you won't be able to retrieve it.

Solution: Let us know that this is the case. We will move the holds/checkouts on your old card to your new card number. If you lose the hold in the meantime, don't worry, just place the title on hold again and let us know. We can then move you to the top of the list.


Last updated: Jun 27, 2018

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